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Why You Should Become A Commercial Real Estate Investor

Why You Should Become A Commercial Real Estate Investor

Commercial real estate has a long history of being an attractive investment play during both up and down market cycles.

Are you intimidated by the thought of buying a commercial property? Well what I am about to share about commercial estate is no more complicated than buying a single family home. Are you thinking that you need lots and lots of cash and perfect credit? Not so the case.

There’s no better time than right now to invest in commercial real estate. It’s never too late, no matter where we are in the market. I am thinking of you the single family home investor who wants to take their cash flow and net worth to the next level while writing this investing article. Commercial real estate is your ticket. Let’s go over a few things that you’re going to need to understand first.

Real Estate Investing Not for the Faint of Heart’ (Life and Opportunities)

Types Of Commercial Real Estate Opportunities

There are different types of commercial real estate opportunities that exist today:

  1. Apartment complexes
  2. Office buildings
  3. Retail and shopping centers
  4. Self-storage facilities
  5. Industrial Properties
  6. Hotels
  7. Commercial Short Sales

Reasons Why You Should Be A Commercial Real Estate Investor

I learned from my mentor that when you have a why and it’s clear and it’s powerful, then the how becomes not so difficult. Let me share with you 3 compelling reasons why to become a commercial estate investor.

1. Cash flow   Commercial Real estate investments are often structured to deliver steady cash flow with dividends that are distributed to investors monthly, quarterly or annually. The two main options for investors are to make either an equity investment or a debt investment.

CashFlow Property Investment’ Regaining Your Touch for Cash Flow

3.  You’re Going to Have Life Options.

Commercial real estate affords you life options. Wouldn’t you like to have the option of working less or pursuing a passion without having to worry about the bills or possibly paying cash for your kids’ college. Commercial estate affords you those options.

4.  Just (1) Deal

All it takes is one commercial deal to dramatically effect your financial life.  Just one commercial deal can benefit you for the rest of your life, including your children’s lives with the tremendous cash flow and residual income payments.

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