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Ijebu-People: A Sub-Yoruba Ethnic Group And Their Financial Lifestyle

Ijebu-People are very enterprising, shrewd business-like and agriculturalist Yoruboid-speaking people that forms a sub-set of the larger Yoruba ethnic group, inhabiting the South-Central part of Yorubaland in South-Western Nigeria. The Ijebu-people who constitute the largest ethnic group in the Yoruba land reside particularly in parts of Ogun and Lagos States of Nigeria.

The Financial Lifestyle Of An Average Ijebu-Man

The King Of IjebuLand Oba Sikiru Kayode Adetona

We have grown up to know Ijebu-people are stingy and miser. When somebody tells you that he is an Ijebu person, the first thing that comes to head is that the person musbe very stingy, greedy and not a generous soul. You will probably feel the person has a heart of stone who doesn’t share. I think we have all been brainwashed…. I say it because I have studied THE IJEBUS and discovered that they are indeed the opposite of what we have been taught about them… Two out of every Landlord on Lagos Mainland are Ijebus. An Ijebu Plans retirement before many of us plan our retirement.

I decided to study the financial lifestyle of an Ijebu and realized we are all wrong in our assessment. I discovered some strange and consistent character of the Ijebus that I put together in this video. What kind of basket should you create… You need to figure out your finances and create basket for your life… That is what An Ijebu Man does…, Here are The Kind of Basket An Ijebu Man Creates For Himself. Family Basket Welfare Basket, Rental Income Basket, Social Basket, Religion Basket these are all what help them in their finances.. Watch the video and post your comment… I would be taking questions too. for more question or you want invest wit us visit or call 07000237464

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