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If You Are Going To Make A Decision On The Cost Of An Investment, You Are Never Going To Be A Millionaire

Investment Three years ago, I rejected a property deal because I was fixated on the cost of the property and never saw the worth. Last saturday I saw the property and saw the worth for the first time. I MISSED BIG TIME.

That is how many people lose great deals because they are so focused on what it is costing them today not the results it would bring them.

“I don’t usually beg people to do investment because if they see the worth, they would jump at it. Many people allow themselves to be blined by the pain of today and would not discipline themselves or make sacrifices.”

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I saw a man who used his commission from a contract to buy a new car in 2008, and had to sell it when he couldn’t maintain his lifestyle. He was introduced to a real estate deal in Lekki for N1.5million and he had built a small plaza consisting of 20 units of 10 square metre shop, he would be earning N2million every month from his investment.

In 2008, he felt the property was costly but he didn’t see the worth of the property.

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I also recall when I visited #NewLagosCity for the first time, I was like “what’s this?” but my experience told me to embrace it. Today we just only have 12 plots left on the project out of 120 plots. It is a lesson to learn for anyone. It doesn’t take time to invest, it only takes guts, courage and insight in investing.

You need to see the worth of anything to make sense of your investment. Result comes first then the cost, not the other way. register with us


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