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Pirotti-Projects Creative, Dynamic & Seasoned Professionals

Pirotti-Projects, is a construction company whose main focus is the construction of high quality buildings for both residential and industrial use. Get outstanding construction with our current construction concepts. We provide complete construction solutions.

We boast of creative, dynamic and seasoned professionals with varied experience in Architectural Design, Building Construction and Real Estate industry. We are partner to leading companies in Nigeria and overseas.

We exceed expectations. We understand that for any business to survive in a highly competitive Global Village, we must do things right and do them well.We constantly pursue new avenues of enhancing our services.

We do not imitate, we innovate. Our strength hinges on an unwavering, up to date team of professionals who believe in combining innovative approach with cutting edge technology to break grounds in the field of design.

We believe that in order to excel, we must match our word with our action and our actions most certainly with our words.We uphold ethical and regulatory requirements, we decline to act if any conflict of interest may arise.

We started as an architectural firm…

….we then realized that most builders could not build our designs to our satisfaction, so we started building….

…and now, we’re building real estate, our way!

Brains&Hammers One Of The Leading Real Estate Companies In Nigeria

Incorporated in 2011, PIROTTI-PROJECTS LIMITED is a private limited liability based in Nigeria.

Pirotti-Projects Vision: To become a leading provider of practical, timeless and exquisite edifices in Africa.

Pirotti-Projects Mission: To constantly reinvent design through innovation geared towards providing tailor made solutions to our clientele.

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