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Real Estate Agents Salary in California

Posted by Akinade47 on December 21, 2022

How Much Money Do California Real Estate Agents Make? has computed an average for you if you’re looking for one. According to indeed California agents earned an average yearly compensation of $91,363.

But that doesn’t tell the entire tale. Real estate agents in the worst 10 percentile earn an average salary of $28,270, while those in the top 10 percentile earn an average salary of $102,170.

Why is there a huge salary gap? Your earnings will be influenced by how much you work and by where you live. And you’ll see that this holds true nationwide as well as in California.

California real estate agent earnings: Making Money in the Metros

There is a significant contrast between Northern California and Southern California, as anybody who calls California home is aware. Similarly, real estate brokers in major cities will lead very different lives and earn dramatically different incomes than those in more remote places.

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Income from Real Estate Agents in Various Californian Cities

The typical real estate agent compensation might vary greatly depending on where you work. The average cost of living is greater, there is more inventory, and there are more real estate transactions in larger urban regions.

Additionally, they frequently increase competition among the best real estate agents. With that said, the following is an estimate of what sales agents can make as in ten different Californian cities:

City Average Salary (According to
Bakersfield $97,679
Beverly Hills $114,688
Fresno $92,100
Los Angeles $103,160
Sacramento $98,139
Santa Barbara $85,297
San Francisco $91,000
San Jose $88,381
Santa Rosa $97,420
Stockton $94,659

Salary Differences for Commercial and Residential Real Estate Agents in California

Residential and commercial real estate are comparable to baseball and cricket. Although they both demand a certain skill set, they are ultimately two separate games. It should come as no surprise that various real estate specialties have different average earnings.

Real Estate Career Average Salary in California
Commercial Real Estate Agent $98,825
Residential Real Estate Agent $97,243

How Do Commission Splits Between Agents Work in California?

How much money do California real estate brokers pocket for each closing? There are many commission splits to take into account.

The seller’s overall commission payment comes first. It might be anywhere between 1 and 6 percent of the sales price in California.

The typical commission is 5-6%, although for expensive homes (i.e., those costing $1 million or more), it may be closer to 4-5%. Before a contract is signed, the seller and listing agent agree on the price.

The commission distribution between the listing and buyer agents is discussed next. The commission is often shared 50/50. In an effort to generate more leads, you could occasionally encounter a listing that gives the buyer agent a larger share.

The inverse may also be accurate. To cover the costs of selling the property, the listing agency may keep 3.5% while giving the buying agent only 2.5%.

Dual agency is still another option. The whole commission is paid to the listing agent if they are successful in locating the buyer and representing both parties.

The commission divided between the broker and agent is the last item. After collecting the selling funds, the broker will give the agent their commission.

Even within the same brokerage, the agreed-upon commission split might vary from agent to agent. While seasoned agents can earn up to 70/30 or 80/20, new agents may only receive a 50/50 share.

Two other commission situations are possible. A monthly broker charge is possible, and you get to retain all of the commission.

The broker could also provide a commission split on a sliding basis. In this instance, the commission starts off low, at about 40/50 or 50/50, and becomes better as you sell more.

Be aware that there can be additional broker costs for each sale, for each month, or for each year.


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How to Enter the California Real Estate Market

In California, there are a few straightforward conditions that must be satisfied before one may pursue a profession in real estate. All applicants must be at least 18 years old, provide identification proving their residency in California, be clear of all felony convictions, and exhibit integrity.

  1. Candidates cannot submit a license application until they have successfully completed 135 hours of study and obtained a passing grade on the real estate salesperson test, even if all other requirements have been satisfied. The California Department of Real Estate sets these regulations. Ambition is a department-approved tool for anyone looking for a license. With a variety of course options, you may start your study and get ready for your exam:
  2. Silver Solution for California Real Estate Pre-Licensing — The most basic package, the Silver Solution includes “Principles, Practices and Finance,” the 135-hour course required by the state, three separate eBooks, instructor support, customer assistance, and technical support. All the fundamentals required for a career in California real estate are covered in this comprehensive course.
  3. The Gold Solution for California Real Estate Pre-licensing includes everything that is given in the Silver Solution as well as the Math master course, “California Real Estate Exam Prep,” a thorough, multi-material exam preparation guide, and the assurance that you will pass your exam. Our most popular bundle is a requirement for anyone who needs additional exam assistance.
  4. The Platinum Solution, which is part of our premium package, is the most complete real estate pre-licensing education course currently offered in California. This bundle comes with everything given in the Gold Solution as well as the California exam preparation eBook, Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice, and Real Estate Finance textbooks, as well as a variety of exam preparation tools including flashcards and test-taking advice.

Stop wasting time trying to figure out how to invest in California real estate. Everything you require to get your license and start a prosperous career is offered by Ambition. With the help of our courses, you will be equipped with the expertise and information necessary to work successfully as a real estate agent in California.

The course packages were all created with convenience and adaptability in mind, allowing students to study online whenever and wherever they want. You can jumpstart your real estate career with Ambition. You can reach the top if you have a solid base of professional knowledge and put in consistent, hard effort.

Earn large money right now! Get in touch with us to find out more about the laws of California and what packages or learning resources would be useful to you.


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