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Real Estate Agents Salary in Florida

Posted by Akinade47 on December 21, 2022

What is the typical real estate agent salary in Florida?

The typical real estate salary in Florida for real estate sales agents with 1-2 years of experience is around $84,644 according to and other well-known real estate recruitment sites. In addition, seasoned real estate salespeople with more than ten years of experience reported earning an average of $111,059.

This is an increase from 2020, when the typical salary for managers of properties, real estate, and community associations was $69,310.  Salaries in certain Florida communities were even higher than the national average.

Average annual wages of $97,228 have been recorded for Kissimmee, Florida; $95,938 for Tampa; $94,456 for St. Petersburg; $94,413 for Lakeland; and $93,894 for Miami. (Source:

How many hours you work has a big impact on your income. You will profit more from putting more time into your profession. Your chances of success will be significantly increased by becoming informed about the local real estate market and working with a reputable brokerage that will coach you throughout your first few years of employment as a sales agent.

Do some research on your prospective employer and make a sensible choice for your employment brokerage. Find out about their reputation in the neighborhood and how long their personnel have been employed by the brokerage.

It is a positive indicator that a brokerage takes care of its sales agents and broker associates if it has employees who have been with the company for a respectable amount of time. Not all eligible personnel are chosen by the brokerage, keep in mind. Additionally, you have the option to pick your hiring broker!

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How is the commission for a real estate agent determined?

Real estate salespeople in Florida are only allowed to be paid by their employment broker’s commission. Receiving or even discussing commissions directly from clients or consumers is prohibited.

In relation to residential real estate transactions, the commission that a brokerage receives from a seller might range from 3-7%. The employing broker will then give the agent a portion of the fee. In Florida, the typical commission split between a broker and their sales representatives is between 30 and 70 percent.

For instance, if your employing broker negotiates a 6% commission with the seller and you sell a property for $650,000 on their behalf, the brokerage would earn $39,000 in compensation.

But what if the transaction also involves another agent? The buyer’s brokerage will earn half of the commission if another agency was also engaged in the transaction. (3% of $650,000), which translates to a 50/50 share of $39,000, or $19,500, for both brokerages.

The employing broker’s commission will subsequently be determined. Accordingly, if your hiring broker pays you 70% commission, that would be 70% of $19,500, indicating you would be compensated for your efforts with a commission of $13,650. As you can see, working in real estate may pay well financially!

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Factors to take into account while developing a successful real estate career in Florida

Your ability to network will be crucial to your career success and financial benefits in real estate sales! Your ability to develop and build connections with buyers, sellers, and people of your community will determine how far in your real estate career you may advance.

Regular networking can help you become a prosperous real estate agent and will boost your chance of making a satisfying real estate income!

There are a lot of additional things that might influence your pay and commission. Because the typical base income for Florida real estate agents varies from city to city, it’s important to do some research on average earnings in your neighborhood.

Your real estate revenue should increase as a result of Florida’s expanding economy. Home buyers are drawn to Florida due to increased employment development and more opportunity for businesses to expand and thrive.

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