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Salary for Real Estate Agents

Posted by Akinade47 on December 20, 2022

Let’s discuss a little about salary for real estate agents are paid as we frequently get asked what the typical real estate agent pay is. The typical US real estate agent will earn between $23,000 and $101,000 per year in 2022, according to, while the top Massachusetts agent will have sold more than $407 *million* worth of property, according to MLS.

It’s generally reasonable to assume that their commissions totaled far more than $101,000. Thus, there is a significant range of potential profits.

The average real estate broker income in the United States is $68,256, according to and

The average commission income received by managing real estate brokers in the US is $42,000 on top of their basic pay, bringing their total annual remuneration to $110,256.

Brokers in California make the highest median pay in the US, $127,556, which includes both salary and commissions.

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Average Salary for Real Estate Agents—State-by-State Guide

Average Statewide Broker Base Salary
Average Statewide Broker Income (Salary + Commissions)
Alabama $60,225 $102,225
Alaska $65,375 $107,375
Arizona $59,696 $101,696
Arkansas $60,039 $102,039
California $85,556 $127,556
Colorado $77,926 $119,926
Connecticut $66,918 $108,918
Delaware $63,173 $105,173
Florida $78,787 $120,787
Georgia $75,162 $117,162
Hawaii $62,581 $104,581
Idaho $57,841 $99,841
Illinois $57,570 $99,570
Indiana $60,868 $102,868
Iowa $61,659 $103,659
Kansas $60,580 $102,580
Kentucky $59,566 $101,566
Louisiana $61,018 $103,018
Maine $36,000 $78,000
Maryland $67,383 $109,383
Massachusetts $64,732 $106,732
Michigan $81,925 $123,925
Minnesota $50,250 $92,250
Mississippi $57,651 $99,651
Missouri $63,733 $105,733
Montana $58,133 $100,133
Nebraska $60,680 $102,680
Nevada $76,938 $118,938
New Hampshire $62,099 $104,099
New Jersey $67,243 $109,243
New Mexico $70,533 $112,533
New York $71,434 $113,434
North Carolina $58,928 $100,928
North Dakota $62,257 $104,257
Ohio $62,184 $104,184
Oklahoma $49,852 $91,852
Oregon $57,154 $99,154
Pennsylvania $37,400 $79,400
Rhode Island $63,231 $105,231
South Carolina $60,705 $102,705
South Dakota $58,240 $100,240
Tennessee $48,563 $90,563
Texas $66,371 $108,371
Utah $65,209 $107,209
Vermont $61,111 $103,111
Virginia $71,313 $113,313
Washington $75,264 $117,264
West Virginia $58,559 $100,559
Wisconsin $48,920 $90,920
Wyoming $60,309 $102,309

How Are Brokers In Real Estate Paid?

We are aware that a basic wage and commissions are the two main ways real estate agents make money. Let’s examine where the funds for these categories actually from.

First, a real estate broker’s pay is paid out of the real estate brokerage’s incoming revenue, which is mostly made up of the commissions that the office’s agents get.

This is referred to as a “split” in common parlance. In the US, a typical split is 75/25, which means that the agent keeps 75% of every commission generated and the brokerage receives 25%.

Brokers and brokerages can also make money by billing their agents monthly “desk fees,” which are set costs regardless of whether the agents close deals or not.

Despite being a potential source of income for brokers, the majority of offices who charge a desk fee frequently end up spending almost all of those fees for ongoing expenses like rent, utilities, technology, and so on.

Also keep in mind that you still have the choice to help your own customers with the buying and selling process as a real estate broker. Therefore, as a broker, you would also be compensated for concluding deals on behalf of your customers.

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Reasons for the High Earnings of Real Estate Brokers (or Low)

You might be wondering, “Why is there such a variety from state to state? ” after looking at the table above, knowing about the median real estate broker pay in your state, and then understanding how a real estate broker gets their money.

Here are some of them

A real estate broker’s total remuneration is mostly based on commissions, therefore it stands to reason that states with higher average selling prices would produce brokers with higher average salaries.

Demand-to-broker ratio: Average real estate wages will be higher in real estate markets with a high demand to broker ratio. Consider Green Bay, Wisconsin, for instance.

The median compensation for real estate brokers in 2018 was $110,820. In 2018, New York City’s median real estate broker compensation was $115,950. In contrast to the near to $950,000 average sold price of a property in NYC, the average sold price of a home in Green Bay was just over $175,000 in 2018.

Why did brokers in Green Bay have a median that was so similar to those in New York City? Competition. Compared to 1,760 in New York City, there were 30 real estate brokers working in Green Bay.

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Brokers can choose to purchase and sell or not

Real estate brokers have the option, but not the obligation, to represent their own customers in real estate transactions. Some brokers opt not to so they can concentrate on managing their staff and running their business. Other brokers, on the other hand, decide to keep on representing customers, and these brokers often make more money in direct commissions.

Salary of a Real Estate Broker vs. Agent

Which earns more money, real estate brokers or agents? The response is subject to several considerations. Brokers who manage a sizable brokerage with several agents can make a very good livelihood, especially if they also represent their own clients. Brokers with a small office and little direct customer business, on the other hand, are probably at the bottom of the spectrum.

Real estate agents can earn as little or as much as the market will bear because their annual compensation is solely based on the volume of deals they close.


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