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Urban-Shelter: Providing Real Estate Solutions Since 1991

Urban-Shelter Limited is a property development corporation with headquarters in Abuja Nigeria. With over 25 years of experience in integrated property development and management, the company has been driven to make itself a household name in the property industry. Urban-Shelter Limited has to its advantage an immense reserve of resources and experience, which give it the ability to effectively plan, develop and manage properties for individuals, private organisations, state and federal government establishments while strategically positioning the company to consolidate its activities across Nigeria, Dubai, and the entire West African sub-region

Urban-Shelter is a real estate investment firm positioned to deliver cutting edge and competitive real estate solutions to our valued clients, they engage in real estate development, brokerage, and management. They offer good and flexible payment plans on all our products and services. Our clientele include corporate bodies, private individuals, cooperative societies, institutions and companies. EUC-Homes The Fastest Growing Real Estate Company In West Africa

For more than 20 years, we have helped Nigerians rediscover the dream of home ownership, the aspiration of turning a house into a home. We’ve built houses so our clients can transform them to welcoming homes and safe havens in a secure location. We are proud to say for many Nigerians, Urban Shelter has turned that dream into a reality

Urban-Shelter is one of Nigeria’s largest real estate developers and a key player in realizing Abuja’s vision of becoming a cosmopolitan city and as well as the Goldman Sachs report on future emerging economies that the country will be among the top 20 economies worldwide by the year 2020; creating a world class destination for living, business and tourism. Monarch Apartments Isheri North Lagos State Nigeria

Backed by over two decades of solid & verifiable practical experience, our strategic focus continues to be centred on building exceptional properties in some of Nigeria’s most desirable locations. Residential, retail and commercial, each & every Urban-Shelter development exemplifies our company’s commitment to the highest standards Supported by market awareness, driven by passion and governed by integrity, Urban Shelter is currently realising a number of potentially high-yield projects to add to our impressive portfolio.

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