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Warren Buffet Millionaire Investors Concepts ‘The God Speed’

Warren Buffet Millionaire Investors Concepts ‘The God Speed’

Choosing investments is just the beginning of your work as an investor. As time goes by, you’ll need to monitor the performance of these investments to see how they are working together in your portfolio to help you progress toward your goals. Understanding how to figure rate of return and yield are key to evaluating the performance of an investment or portfolio.

If your investments are not showing any gains or your account value is slipping, you’ll have to determine why, and decide on your next move. In addition, because investment markets change all the time, you’ll want to be alert to opportunities to improve your portfolio’s performance, perhaps by diversifying into a different sector of the economy or allocating part of your portfolio to international investments. To free up money to make these new purchases, you may want to sell individual investments that have not performed well, while not abandoning the asset allocation you’ve selected as appropriate.

From the Millionaire Investor: “Many investors view their personal value by being able win low-ball offers, and that works fine in the wholesale market BEFORE a property gets to Realtors and the MLS. Remember, you can’t make money simply by making a lot of offers. You’ve got to actually buy something and hold it or fix it up and sell it.

Simple Strategies for Smart investors In Increasing Rental Income

Think like the stock market: always trying to buy at the very bottom (low-ball) or sell at the very top (greed) may lead to frustration more times than success. Buying near the bottom and selling near the top will almost always guarantee you some profit and that’s always better than missing the transaction completely or holding too long and missing the peak.”

It’s like Mr. Warren Buffet states: “When times are tough and no one is buying is the perfect opportunity for those who take a chance and buy up as much as you can”.

God Speed

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